Code of Ethics


My first duty is loyalty to the individual in transition.  I will always provide services and recommendations based on his or her needs and concerns, with respect for my client’s belongings and life expectations.


I will honor my clients’ feelings and perspectives and respect their right to determine their futures.  If I determine to end service to my client, I will recommend other providers for whom he or she may receive assistance.


I will keep confidential any confidence that I am given or that I may learn.  I will disclose information to others only with my client’s permission or if I am compelled to do so by a belief that my client or other individuals will be seriously harmed by my silence.  I will not use confidential information to benefit my firm or myself.


I will strive to ensure cooperation among all individuals involved in providing services to my clients.


I will offer services only in those areas for which I am qualified and will accurately represent those qualifications both verbally and in written communication.  When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services, I will recommend other qualified professionals.


I will refer my client only to services and organizations I believe to be competent and appropriate to address their needs.


I will treat my clients with respect and compassion.  I will respect my clients’ belongings, whatever their condition or material value, and will value their life experiences.


I will take responsibility and accountability for my actions and for the actions of my employees or individuals presented as part of my firm.  I will assume responsibility to learn about and comply with all laws that pertain to my business.


I will serve my clients with integrity, competence and objectivity.  I will accurately represent my services, both verbally and in writing.  I will communicate my fees in advance and will provide a written contract that describes the services to be provided and my charging methodology.


I will not promote or sanction any form of discrimination.


I will further my knowledge through continuing education.  I will support my profession by active participation in NASMM and by encouraging the ethical behavior of colleagues.