Downsizing Assistance

Whether you are moving to a smaller house or just wanting to clear the clutter from your home, Senior Solutions of Oregon can help.

Sorting and Organizing

We will work with you to determine what you will be taking with you and the final disposition of the remainder of the items.  This includes important papers as well as household items.  All boxes will be clearly marked with contents and the final destination in your new home.

Packing and Unpacking

Prior to beginning the move process, we will inventory all of your items and will carefully pack them in moving boxes for transport. We will also arrange to ship any items that are going to relatives who are not able to pick them up at your home.  An inventory and final destination of each item will be provided for your peace of mind.

Move Coordination

We will work with the movers to ensure your transition is smooth and stress free.

Setting Up New Home

We will visit your new home and help you determine the layout that works best with the furniture you will be bringing with you to ensure that your new home is comfortable and cozy.

Arrange for Storage

You may decide that you aren’t ready to part with some possessions.  We will arrange for a storage unit and oversee the safe delivery of your items.


Once we have determined what papers you are keeping, we will arrange for a mobile shredding company to come to your house to ensure all unwanted confidential papers are shredded.

Garage/Estate Sale Assistance

Once you have determined what will be moving with you, we will work with you to prepare the remainder for sale.  We will manage the day of the sale, including advertising, staging and handling the sales.

Donation of Unwanted Items

If you choose to donate your items to charity, we will work with the charity of your choice to have the items picked up and secure a receipt for tax purposes.  All donations will be itemized to make it easier for tax season.