Dear Lori:

It never occurred to me that we might require your services three times in one year.  So, this is a note you might share with prospective clients.  You see, no sooner had your team of professionals moved Nancy Howard into Brookdale Grand Prairie, than she had a stroke.  It was the first of two that would happen in her first year of independent living.  And then she had a heart attack.

Senior Solutions of Oregon was more than a vendor to our family.  You were trusted friends and advisors that were reactive to a rapidly changing situation.  Thank you for moving Mom twice in three weeks!  First, your expert crew packed every treasured possession in her independent living apartment.  Then, when her respite care ended, you were there again to move her into her new assisting living apartment.

Living in Texas puts me in the unenviable position of being a long distant care giver.  When I couldn’t be there to put a loving arm around my sick, scared and lonely mother, you were a familiar face to comfort her, a loving hand to hold, a source of confidence that everything was going to be OK.

As a family, we would recommend Senior Solutions of Oregon to any family that must deal with the painful transition of a love one, young or old, into a smaller place, an independent living residence, or an assisted living facility.

Thank you Lori!

Christopher M.
Seabrook, TX


Dearest Lori:
It was my great fortune to discover the National Association of Senior Moving Managers. As our parents age, children like me need someone to manage the transition trauma associated with downsizing and relocating our folks to their new residence.

Now I can’t say that moving my mother was a stress free experience. (Now that you know Mom, you realize that simply is not possible.) But after your eight weeks of diligent hand holding each Wednesday, Mom moved into Brookdale Grand Prairie in one single day move. Living in Texas, I greatly needed your services, kindness, and attention to detail. Senior Solutions of Oregon carefully designed the layout of the new 900 square foot home, packed the appropriate furnishings, appliances, and utensils, and then executed a move that lasted less than six hours during my first full day to Oregon. At the end of that time, the pictures were on the wall, the bed was made, the clothes hung in the closet, the pantry and refrigerator were stocked, the cable and phone were connected, and the furniture was clean and in place. Mom drank wine on her porch while Cinder lapped water from her perfectly placed water bowl in the kitchen that evening. Amazing!

Then, we worked together to price tag 32 years of collecting, storing. You had gracefully eased my mother through the emotions of parting with her precious things, her memories, her past loves and lives. It was a difficult process, physically and emotionally, for me to help with the ensuing estate sale; but, after nine days, the three day sale was over and the house was clean. You managed the entire process and made it as pleasant as possible. Thank you for a job well done!


Christopher M.
Seabrook, TX


We were extremely pleased with the outcome of Lori’s work and would highly recommend Senior Solutions of Oregon.  Lori managed the clean out of my nephew’s house, which contained the results of years of hoarding due to his advancing Alzheimer’s.  She never lost sight of the impact this move had on my loved one and remained deeply respectful of his feelings throughout the entire process.  In addition, I was impressed with Lori’s work ethic and her ability to handle this job in a timely manner.

Betty B.
Chowchilla, CA


As the Project Manager of a large move of over 90 professional offices, I relied on Lori’s organizational skills to ensure a smooth transition.  Lori was responsible for the coordination of moving and storing over 1,000 boxes and oversaw the return of the items to the rightful owners.  All boxes had to be marked  with information in order to access them if needed during the 15 months they were in storage.  She was also responsible for the receiving, inspecting and placing of over 5,000 pieces of furniture for the 90+ offices.  This was accomplished in a very short time frame and her ability to coordinate and organize this phase, allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of the project.  Lori is an organizational genius and a delight to work with!

Vicki B.
Salem, OR


Lori handled the downsizing for my 91 year old Aunt, after her health declined and she moved to an Assisted Living Facility.  Lori’s attention to detail and problem solving skills were very impressive.  She handled everything from cleaning out 60+ years of accumulation, organizing a garage sale, donating the left over items to charity, arranging for shredding of years of paperwork and had the house professionally cleaned and ready to be placed on the market in three weeks.  Lori also worked with my Aunt to determine what items she wanted moved with her and had everything in place to make sure my Aunt was comfortable in her new home.  I was extremely pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend her.

Janet R.
Beaverton, OR